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Diana Kotb – Winter 2016

“Diana Kotb’s fashion fixation was inevitable: as a child, she was surrounded by master seamstresses and a extremely creative mother who custom made her outfits for every occasion. Enjoy her latest works on full display in Narnia inspired whimsical visual adventure that we created, together with the client.”

Koi Fusion – A Food Truck – Portland, Oregon

“An innovative and funky fusion of Korean BBQ and fresh Mexican flavors. Starting in 2009 as one mobile taco truck, Chef Bo Kwon was inspired by the genre of Korean Fusion … (He) set about creating our own niche within this category, using Mama Kwon’s secret family marinades, fresh vegetables, and locally-sourced tortilla vendors to create a new twist that’s uniquely Portland, Oregon.”

Elliot. An autism-awareness story.

50 Stories is very grateful for the assistance Brittney and Thomas McElroy and their daughter, Imogen, played in producing this film. And of course, thank you Elliot!

Would you like a free download of this film? Click below.


Gene Isenberg Tribute – UMass Amherst

Gene Isenberg Tribute – UMass Amherst

“In 2014, we lost a great man who gave much to the UMass Amherst community. Gene M. Isenberg was not only our school’s namesake but one of our greatest benefactors. His philanthropy was felt at the Isenberg School and throughout the UMass Amherst campus. Here, the UMass Amherst chancellor, Isenberg Dean, alumni, students, and Gene’s widow Ronnie, all pay tribute to a great man with a lasting legacy.”

The Reel – Short & Sweet Mix

This is a quick 38 second taste of what we do.

Stories Matter – the trailer

50 Stories is a collective of award-winning artists. We are committed to telling your story … and stories matter.

The Story – of Maya

“There’s really nothing, nothing so sweet; as teeny, tiny baby feet …”

Sundowner – Client #9

Client #9 developed an orchestral brand of post-rock music comparable to Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, and My Bloody Valentine. But the influence is incidental. “It started off as an accident, we had mics and we started singing because we were so young, but we thought it sounded stupid.” One person’s stupid is another’s seminal post-punk era influence.

Highway 1 – a journey

Traveling Highway 1 is like being in control of dreams. We rode a wave of exploration and realization, asphalt and broken cliffs and sea and always deep blue skies. We live free and savor this moment – and this is our story.

Planting Garlic – a poem by Mark Hart

Planting Garlic


I love to imagine the first blind rootings
in gravity’s dark light, the sodden waiting,
the slow ignition of their tiny green rockets

as I bury their pink-skinned cheeks
in the corpse-cold ground soon freezing to stone …

More at markhartpoetry.com