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It is great that you are shining a light on the challenges faced by caregivers and children with autism.  Anything that can be done to raise awareness about these challenges, to promote acceptance, is a giant leap in the right direction!

The trailer is so beautifully done, as soon as I saw Jackson it felt as though I’ve always known him and his family. I can’t wait to learn more about their story!

My eyes fill with tears when I hear that Jackson and his father have not had a conversation. My son, has mild autism and we have been blessed to have all the loving moments parents are supposed to share with their children. Don’t get me wrong it hasn’t always been easy. Sometimes I feel guilty, how did we luck out? Autism can change a family in an instant.

As a parent of an ASD child; thank you for doing wonderful work such as this.

‘Was struck and inspired by this father’s wishes and hopes and dreams for his son and his “we can do this” attitude … my son is not nearly as severe as Jackson and there are days where I don’t want to leave the house and deal with the world … kudos to him and you for this undertaking and it is my hope that Jackson has a great day at the beach!

As a mother of a child with autism, I can never say enough words of gratitude to those who so willingly create and participate in great work such as this movie. More people need to know what autism is all about and what parents go through daily to provide a safe and loving environment for them. I pray and hope this movie becomes a success and many would have the opportunity to learn from it.

Compelling and clearly stated and makes me want to watch the film. I really like it.

Loved seeing the joy on Jackson’s face as he played in the water. Looking forward to seeing his face as he steps into the ocean. What an amazing opportunity for Jackson and his family to share this experience from an autism perspective.

This project will be amazing. The trailer revealed the magnitude of the isolation that impacts the severely autistic child and his care givers … it is heartbreaking to stop and truly experience someone else’s enormous difficulties – I kept thinking of my own children and the silly little struggles they have. Everyone should take a look .

My own daughter has Autism. When she is at the beach, she is one with the world. Here she finds peace, wonderment and acceptance. The ocean is a beautiful song of movement that makes sense to her, she has come home.

Wow. Very powerful. This is what people need to see. I think many misunderstand autism. I don’t think they realize that each person and each diagnosis is totally unique.

What a thrill it will be to witness Jackson’s first exposure to the ocean!  May the journey be safe, exciting, and life-giving!  And may the depth of his joy match that of the ocean!

Okay, now I have wiped the tears from my eyes … I was very moved by what I saw and heard. I LOVED it! I almost lost my breath when I saw Jackson’s eyes … those are the eyes of my son (who also has autism) … remarkable.

If the trailer made me cry I can only imagine what the film will do. I already feel like I know Jackson and I want to see and experience his journey with him and his family.

I strongly feel that individuals like Jackson are rarely portrayed in mainstream media.  I like the story and journey that they will be embarking upon and the way the film trailer approaches it. Quite frankly, I want  to be there when Jackson does see the ocean for the first time and more importantly I want to see his family as they watch and experience this with him.

No matter where a child falls on the spectrum the opening words to this trailer say it all.  As a parent of a special child I am the student, the child, I am the one in awe.
My day starts and ends with my son, and although there are many struggles I would never trade him in, I would never lose hope and I will never stop reaching, for what is always just out of reach. Mind-bendingly simple things, become a complex dance of physics in the face of Autism.  The beach, grocery store, dressing for the day.
These parents are heroes without capes, no lights or fanfare.  We are together in our isolation.

This film project idea really touches and excites me. Individuals with autism are often denied the opportunity to experience the simple joys that many of us take for granted. I could never have understood the extreme limitations on life experiences imposed by Autism Spectrum Disorder until our own family was touched by it.  This film will allow Jackson the chance to have once-in-a-lifetime joy while educating and inspiring others.  Thank you so much for tackling this project!

What a privilege it is to be invited into Jackson’s world.  As was said in the trailer, Jackson is a teacher for all of us — and we are obligated to listen to what he has to say.  If, by sending him on a trip to the ocean, we can repay him in some small way for all of the invaluable lessons he has to offer us, it is a joyful obligation, indeed.

I have a son on the autism spectrum though he is verbal and mid level functioning, I share the similar emotions and hope with Jackson’s father.  My son, too, loves water and luckily for him and us we have a home at the beach where he spends hour upon hour in the surf.  Water calms him and he is at peace which is often difficult to find. I am inspired by the efforts Jackson’s parents will go to to make this happen for Jackson, often times, it is much easier to stay in our bubble where all is known and safe.  A happy and safe journey to Jackson and his family!

An enlightening glimpse into the world of autism and the unconditional love of a parent for his child. Jackson and his parent’s wisdom teach us tolerance for those that are ‘different’ from societal norms and empathy for those who struggle with their challenges. It is a sobering yet joyful and hopeful journey, not only to the beach, but through life itself.

Such a wonderful project! “Jackson Goes to the Beach” will be a visually interesting and beautiful film (in line with Steven Vote’s other works). It will be  film that will leave a lasting impression on everyone who views it. Jackson’s father’s writing is insightful and moving. I can’t wait to see and hear more!

I was watching television the other day and I got to thinking about how more and more large-scale endeavors, all with the noble purpose of raising money for, and educating the public about, a condition that is affecting an ever-increasing number of our children.

While fund-raisers and large-scale public campaigns are to be applauded, true “awareness” of autism comes from something deeper than an evening’s pledge drive or a 30-second public service announcement. Awareness of all that autism signifies — the challenges, the triumphs, hearts broken and mended — can only be achieved if we get a glimpse, however brief, of the world through the eyes of those most affected.  I believe this film has the capacity to do just that.

People with autism have a beautiful soul … they are pure and innocent and see the world in fantastic ways.

The trailer is fabulous. The footage was really moving and very real to me.  I also loved the script … especially that it pointed out the opposite dynamics — teacher and student, struggles and yet accomplishments. I feel that autism is so intense in this way. It encompasses all the extremes of life, both good and bad.

I also like the reference to “limited life”. I think people need to be aware of the limitations of autism, both for the child and the entire family. It’s really all they can tolerate.

Jackson’s father’s voice-over is at once both heartwarming and heartbreaking.  I cannot imagine the joy and love/frustration & helplessness he must have felt on a minute-by-minute basis for the past sixteen years.

I’ve watched the trailer several times and am moved each and every time. Every time I watch it I think … a life changing opportunity for Jackson and those who love him. I’ll be watching the site for updates. I can’t wait to see Jackson on the beach!

Wow! I was so emotional when I first watched it that I needed some time to process … powerful, moving and inspirational! You can feel the unwavering love, loyalty and commitment to Jackson. I can’t wait to see Jackson’s family’s perspective and their individual experiences as “Jackson Goes to the Beach”.

I want people to understand people with autism and not to be afraid of them. When someone doesn’t look you in the eye, immediately one feels suspicious or even fearful – I think Jackson Goes To The Beach might help with this – watching the family deal with Jackson’s outbursts, and understanding his obsessions and compulsions, and seeing him as a real person, whom they understand.

I believe that God made all of us, including people with autism. A friend (with a disability) said to me “God made folks with disabilities so that the rest of the world would learn mercy.” She felt she had a part to play in others’ growth.

A powerful, heart warming documentary about the real life challenges of Autism.   Educating the masses through films like this is the quickest path of finding the solutions and creating awareness.

As a parent, I can relate, even without having a child with autism.

So much of what we see about autism is its impact on younger children.  What is not as frequently told is the equally stark reality of autism’s continuing impact during the teen and young adult years.  This project holds the potential to illustrate the tragic, ongoing consequences for suffers and their loved ones caused by this devastatingly destructive condition. I hope this is a film that will not only be made, but will be widely view by educators, policymakers and the public.

This film is vitally important.

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