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Steven Vote is an internationally recognized Australian photographer, twice-published author, fine artist and filmmaker, his distinctive storytelling continues to blur the line between commerce and art. Steven’s work has been featured in American Photo, PDN, Popular Photography, Applied Arts, Photography Masters Cup and singled out by Graphis Photo Annual for exceptional imagery.

With a busy career of more than twenty years in advertising and editorial photography behind him & working around the globe and living in Sydney, London, Paris and New York; Steven now lives with his amazing wife, his dog and their three little blokes in a small town in Western Massachusetts.

Steven Vote is a storyteller and the founder of the collective, 50 Stories. You can see his commercial photography at stevenvote.com and his fine art work at artfoto.org

Clay Fisher is a global filmmaker and photographer. He has shot in the United States, Europe, the South Pacific & Australia and South East Asia. His unique visual style and ability to capture a sense of place means his approach lends itself to film, documentaries, advertising and broadcast & television

Balanced with his passion and drive for making strong imagery, Clay’s calm and methodical approach to the creative process is an asset to any project.

Clay Fisher lives with his wife and young daughter in Sydney, Australia. He is a founding member of the 50 Stories collective and you can see more of what he does at initi8yourstory.com