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We all love stories, we are born for them. Stories reveal the truth and affirm who we are as humans. We are drawn to stories because that is how we make meaning of our lives. Our lives are journeys; stories allow us to experience the similarities
between ourselves and others. We all want to finish the sentence; stories are as vital as food and air and water and love. Storytelling captures a moment of time; it bridges time and place.

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Koi Fusion – A Food Truck. An innovative and funky fusion of Korean BBQ and fresh Mexican flavors … Chef Bo Kwon was inspired by the genre of Korean Fusion.

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Elliot. An autism-awareness story. We are very grateful for the assistance Brittney and Thomas McElroy and their daughter, Imogen, played in producing this film. And of course, thank you Elliot!

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Gene Isenberg Tribute Film – The University of Massachusetts Amherst – A short film honoring the life and the legacy of Gene Isenberg.

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